All of my work is inspired by the difficult relationship humans have with sexual desire. I'm particularly interested in the disconnect between the true sexual nature of women and the stories society tells us about women's sexuality.

From the Nightshade Family

After an ambiguous dream, Teddie invites an old college acquaintance, Marion, to his apartment to hang out and catch up. They are stuck together when a January blizzard snows them in, opening the door for a late night of drinking, smoking, and treading old ground. Though Teddie’s roommate, Claudio, insists on prying into Marion’s sexual history, Teddie is entrusted with Marion’s biggest secret, a near-supernatural admission that proves crippling for them both.

Area IV Theatre Company
September 4-11, 2011
Chicago, Illinois at the Chicago Fringe Festival

"Twentysomethings toss around New Yorker-esque snarky commentary to avoid their real life problems. The dialogue isn’t distracting and helps move along the story… Over pot-smoking sessions and binge drinking (another attempt to remain forever young), they’re forced to delve into their issues."
– Time Out Chicago


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Bear Claw