All of my work is inspired by the difficult relationship humans have with sexual desire. I'm particularly interested in the disconnect between the true sexual nature of women and the stories society tells us about women's sexuality.


As a way to take time off from her life, Cornelia spends her days babysitting her invalid grandparents in exchange for continued financial support from her parents. She sees her life slipping into an unsettling contentment while her long-time boyfriend, White, is hoping she settles into his newly furnished apartment. Struggling to accept stagnation but unable to move forward, Cornelia finds the friction she’s looking for when her reclusive friend, Nicole, hires a questionable employee in her rarely trafficked bookstore.

Area IV Theatre Company
July 8 – August 22, 2010
Boston, Massachusetts at First Church Boston
Milford, New Hampshire at The Amato Center for the Performing Arts
Calgary, Alberta at the Calgary Fringe Festival
Edmonton, Alberta at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival

"Nearly all of the dialogue seems to be entirely subtextual–nothing that any character says to another seems to be altogether truthful. Instead, it’s couched, cautious. The play itself is a language game where everything and nothing is said–and what’s more, it’s brilliant."
– Vue Weekly (Edmonton)

"Fascinating work that slowly builds momentum to a memorable conclusion. Acting is terrific in this period piece… about a moment in time and the choices that people respond to within that moment… A very difficult scenario to dramatize done with enormous clarity and sensitivity."
– See Magazine (Edmonton)


From the Nightshade Family