All of my work is inspired by the difficult relationship humans have with sexual desire. I'm particularly interested in the disconnect between the true sexual nature of women and the stories society tells us about women's sexuality.


Out for the season, Reading, a pro hockey player, recoups during the winter months in a secluded beach house. He relies on his cousin for companionship but finds himself overwhelmed when a string of unwelcome guests wedge their way into his hermitage one night. As the society he tried to keep out overtakes his home, Reading is forced to face the emotional scars that match his physical wounds.

Area IV Theatre Company
October 10 – November 9, 2014
Chicago, Illinois at the Den Theatre

"… a breathtaking work, at once deceptively simple in its premise … and achingly profound. Borrowing a few moves from Edward Albee and Harold Pinter, Borkowski has created rich characters who deliver infuriatingly opaque dialogue that between the lines contains a world of heartbreak and rage."
– Chicago Reader


The Service

Bear Claw